Top Frustrating Kitchen Design Problems

Are you planning to have latest kitchen design? Then you would come across several challenges regarding layout, insufficient space and much more. The talented interior designer wouldn’t let you go in such dilemma; he will spend enough time in requirement taking process. He would witness everything regarding space of your house, design, and your requirements. Then he will be able to suggest either you need to go with your requirements or some adjustments are required. Before sharing subject of my blog let me tell you one thing here, we are not discussing responsibilities of interior designers. Apart from this traditional debate, I am going to let you know top frustrating kitchen design problems. Now you don’t need to shed your frustration on designers, just do a proper planning, and you will get rid of this.

Insufficient Storage

Usually, this problem will occur in small kitchens where lots of messy things would give you depression, so it is essential to organize a sufficient storage. You can have drawers and cabinets for storing all the stuff.  In small kitchens, you have to look into this matter deeply because might be you can’t afford interior designers for this purpose. You can search several affordable ideas to fulfil the need of insufficient storage.

Poor Layout

It can be infuriated when the poor design will spoil your passion of cooking in the kitchen. It will happen only when your actual design is not meeting up your lifestyle requirement. It is imperative for interior designers to inquire everything about your kitchen especially this type of questions need a definite answer like how many people are sharing kitchen space for cooking? Where you want to have a separate section for cooking, washing, and dining?

Poor Ventilation

Air crossing is important for the kitchen to eliminate cooking smell and grease. Poor ventilation would make this thing difficult for you to stay in the kitchen more than an hour. You need to install high-quality duct for dehumidification.

Improper Lighting

It is a common complaint about interior designers from customers. Inadequate lighting wouldn’t let you do the proper cooking, cutting, and dining because, for these purposes, good lighting is essential. While designing kitchen, interior designers have to pay proper attention to the direct source of lights especially in highly used areas like countertops.

Inadequate Countertops

If your usage requirement is high and you find insufficient countertops, then you will call to your interior designer. Insufficient space of countertops should be planned earlier so that you can have more space. It is necessary to decide earlier how much space is required? Make sure space should be enough to place fridge or oven next to the countertop. You can expand the space for two persons to cook at the same time. I also had a same issue of countertops, so I discussed this with kitchen fitters in Northampton, but I had to revamp the whole area for broadening the space.

These are top frustrating issues with standard kitchen designs. You can only get rid of these problems if you do proper planning while designing because few things can make a fuss of your whole design due to such type of exaggeration.

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